Arterial Ligation Surgery for Headaches

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Treatment of headaches by arterial ligation is a technique that has been shown to be effective in certain people suffering from headache disorders.  People who may benefit from this type of treatment are those that:

  • Have headaches that they characterize as “pounding”
  • Have headaches that are worse with coughing or rapid movement of the head
  • If you have specific spots on your head (in front of the ears, over the eyes, or the back of the neck) where you can press to briefly eliminate the headache pain
  • Experience headaches on one side of your head that are associated with a red, watery eye or a droopy eyelid on that side of your face

Dr. Hall will begin by performing a detailed examination to determine if you are a candidate for arterial ligation surgery.  there are certain types of migraine headaches that are caused by blood vessels in the scalp.  Areas that you can press on to briefly eliminate your migraine pain usually correspond to small blood vessels in the scalp that can be treated with surgery with excellent results.  Dr. Hall will examine you to determine whether or not this is the case.  This examination is best done while you are having a headache to determine which specific trigger points may be involved.  Once these trigger points have been located, the small blood vessels in the skin of the scalp can be divided, which usually provides immediate relief of the headache pain.

Arterial ligation surgery can be done as an in-office procedure or as an outpatient surgery – this is a decision that you can make after discussing your options with Dr. Hall.

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