Common Questions about Breast Augmentation Surgery | Knoxville, Texas

Dr. Jason Hall is an experienced plastic surgeon and one of the few physicians in the area trained in both craniofacial and microsurgery procedures. When it comes to breast augmentation surgery, Knoxville patients rely on him to offer professional advice about their goals and needs.

Below, Dr. Hall shares common questions that women have about breast augmentation surgery. Knoxville patients are encouraged to read on and then to get in touch with our practice to schedule an initial consultation.

Will my results appear natural?

Women who explore breast augmentation are looking for a way to add beauty to their bodies. Sometimes, this means increasing the size of their chest through breast augmentation implants. Knoxville women who opt for the procedure also want their breasts to have a youthful, attractive appearance.

Dr. Hall helps ensure natural-looking results through a careful and studied process. This means holding a series of dialogues with the patient before any procedure. Conversations like these allow Dr. Hall to understand the goals that the patient wants to achieve. In addition, an examination of the patient allows Dr. Hall to choose an implant that is in proportion to her body and that will provide the best look possible.

What type of implant should I get?

Some patients enter the initial consultation with a specific idea of the size increase that they would like to achieve. Other patients know that they want a more attractive chest, but they are not certain what size or shape to use. Still others have questions about the position or material that would give them the best appearance.

During the consultation phase, Dr. Hall guides patients through their options for implant size and shape. He helps patients understand how their body type and breast shape play a role in selecting the implant. He also discusses implant material. Typically, Dr. Hall uses silicone gel implants. These safe, FDA-approved devices offer the most realistic look and feel.

What is recovery like?

With breast augmentation surgery, many Knoxville patients want to learn what to expect as they heal from the procedure. We inform patients about the steps that Dr. Hall takes to reduce their recovery time and to limit their discomfort.

For example, Dr. Hall enters every operation with an exact plan for which implant size, shape, and position he will be using. The initial consultations he has held with patients has decided these factors long in advance. Also, during surgery, Dr. Hall uses precise manipulations to position the implant. The care he takes decreases the soreness patients might otherwise experience.

Women who have breast augmentation surgery in Dr. Hall’s Knoxville practice experience virtually no bruising and do not require drains. Most report that the pain is manageable, and many go out to celebrate their new bodies the night after their surgery.

Dr. Hall and his staff are able to answer patient questions about these concerns and about every phase of the procedure. Begin exploring your options; Call 865.973.9500 or use our contact form and request an appointment. For out of town patients, feel free to  request an online consult via Skype.