Can Botox Be Used As Treatment For Migraine?

August 15th, 2016 / Back to Blog »

Botox_Helping_MigrainsKnoxville migraine sufferers: imagine what it would feel like to be completely free from migraine pain in just a few days. Imagine never having to worry about when your next migraine is going to strike. Imagine never feeling that devastating pain and nausea ever again.

Sound impossible? It’s not.  Botox, long used as a cosmetic treatment for facial wrinkles, is an effective and approved medication to treat certain types of chronic headaches.

How BOTOX® Works

BOTOX® works by temporarily paralyzing the muscles in your face that pinch the skin and form wrinkles. By paralyzing those wrinkle-forming muscles, your face appears younger and smoother.

BOTOX® for Migraine Treatment

Knoxville migraine sufferers ask us every week about using BOTOX® to treat migraines. Doctors and scientists believe that migraines are caused in part by muscles in your face, head, and neck compressing on nerve bundles.

When those bundles are compressed, they cause the crippling pain, nausea, and light sensitivity that migraine sufferers know all too well.

While there is currently no cure for migraines, in 2010 the FDA approved BOTOX® as a successful way to relieve migraines. BOTOX® works on the symptoms of migraines because of the potent, paralyzing effect it has on muscles.

When getting BOTOX® as a treatment for migraines, Knoxville patients first come to our office for a consultation with Dr. Hall. He discusses your overall health in depth, including any medications you’re currently taking. From there, Dr. Hall can make a recommendation on using BOTOX® to treat your migraines.

The BOTOX® Migraine Relief Procedure

When it comes to the specifics of the BOTOX® procedure for treatment of migraines,  patients are often curious about what will actually happen. While every patient is different, here is a quick description of how we use BOTOX® to relieve the symptoms of migraines.

  • There are 7 critical areas around the head, face, and neck that receive injections.
  • These 7 areas contain the nerve bundles that cause migraines.
  • 31 BOTOX® injections are given and spread out between those 7 areas.

The 7 injection sites include the forehead, an area above each ear, along with several locations on the back of the head, the lower neck, and the shoulders. Once the injections have been given, most of our patients see fantastic migraine relief within days.

If you’re suffering from chronic migraines and are desperate for relief, give us a call at (865) 973-9500. You don’t have to live in pain or in constant worry of when your next migraine is going to strike. You could have relief from your migraines within mere days of your visit with us.