Nerve Decompression Treatment for Headaches

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Nerve decompression surgery is a treatment that has been shown to be effective in reducing or eliminating headaches upwards of 85% of patients who are candidates for this treatment.  Nerve decompression surgery is not an appropriate treatment for all headache disorders.  Patients who are good candidates for nerve decompression surgery commonly have one or more of the following findings associated with their headaches:

  • Tenderness around the eyebrow on the side of your migraine
  • A droopy eyelid on the side of your headache during a migraine attack
  • Tenderness of the temple on the side of your migraine
  • Migraine headaches that are worse with stress, exercise, or heavy activity
  • Grinding your teeth when you sleep
  • “Tight” neck muscles
  • Headaches that are worse with changes in weather or altitude
  • A “runny nose” that accompanies your migraine headache
  • Migraine headaches that are worse with coughing or rapid movement of the head

Additionally, if you have been diagnosed with occipital neuralgia, whether it is from a minor injury such as whiplash or from prior procedures, then nerve decompression may be beneficial.

If you have undergone treatment with Botox or have had nerve blocks that provide some relief from your headache – reduction in headache frequency, headache intensity, or headache duration – surgical nerve decompression has a chance to offer long-lasting relief of your headache.  Patients often find that surgical results are similar to (or better than) both Botox and nerve blocks, only without the need for frequent injections.

Dr. Hall will first begin with a detailed examination to determine which sites of nerve compression seem to be the main ones causing your pain.  Then, in an outpatient surgery, he will delicately release these nerves from the areas of compression through small incisions hidden within your hair.  Once the pressure on these nerves are released, you will notice your symptoms dramatically improve almost immediately after surgery.

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