Cosmetic and Rhinoplasty Surgery: Knoxville Surgeon Dr. Jason Hall

Most people have heard of “getting a nose job,” otherwise known as rhinoplasty. Knoxville patients turn to the procedure as a way of altering the appearance of their nose and the overall look of their face. However, some people are surprised at how much of an impact subtle changes to this area can have.

It is no surprise that our face is where people tend to focus their attention. We make eye contact when we speak with someone or greet someone for the first time. We show them that we are paying attention by looking at their face and responding to their expressions. For this reason, the way that our face appears has a major effect on how our attractiveness is evaluated.

It’s for this reason that people choose to have rhinoplasty. Knoxville patients will sometimes opt for the procedure after years of unhappiness with the way that their nose looks. They may wish for a smaller nose; a nose with a different shape or without bumps; or a better contour. Surgical options make these goals a reality.

About the Procedure

Typically, patients will take part in a consultation to begin their treatment. During this time, they should have an opportunity to explain their concerns to the doctor in detail. Having a shared understanding of the patient’s trouble spots and goals is essential to success.

Once the patient has communicated these concerns, the doctor will discuss possible opportunities for addressing them through rhinoplasty surgery. Patients in Knoxville may be surprised to learn how small changes can provide great improvement to their overall physical attractiveness. Skilled doctors will be able to advise patients about ways to change the appearance of the nose while keeping it natural-looking and in proportion with the rest of the face.

The Operation

Rhinoplasty is typically an outpatient procedure, which means that patients go home the same day. The length of time that a patient is in the operating room depends on their needs, but it can last anywhere from one to four hours.

After surgery, patients usually wear a splint on the outside of the nose for about one week. The nose may appear swollen at this time, but swelling should go down significantly enough to be unnoticeable by the time that the splint is removed. In addition to the gains in physical attractiveness that a patient will realize, he or she should also expect fewer sinus problems, such as chronic stuffy nose.

A Successful Rhinoplasty

Knoxville patients who want to have the surgery should choose a doctor who offers these important qualities…

Communication. During patients’ consultations with the doctor, they should have the opportunity to explain exactly what is concerning them about their nose. An experienced and knowledgeable surgeon will offer guidance as to the best ways to address these areas.

Knowledge. Because the nose is a focal point of the face, it is essential that patients get great results from their rhinoplasty. When choosing a Knoxville doctor for their surgery, they should take the opportunity to review the doctor’s past work for patients. The noses in these examples should be attractive while remaining in proportion to the patients’ face. This helps to give a more natural appearance.

Professionalism. Rhinoplasty, like all surgeries Knoxville patients may have, requires confidence in the surgeon who is leading the procedure. The doctor should be available to answer the patient’s questions and resolve their concerns. He / she should provide great care before, during, and after the procedure. Finally, the doctor should have a record of providing amazing results to patients.

A Case Study: Rhinoplasty Surgery

Knoxville patients who choose Dr. Hall do so in recognition of the fantastic experience that he provides. He guides patients through the decision process, offers an honest evaluation of their case, and prepares a treatment plan that is in line with their goals and needs.

With rhinoplasty, for example, our Knoxville offices will set up an initial consultation with Dr. Hall. During this time, he and his patients discuss questions and concerns. He also examines the face and nose to determine a treatment option. In some cases, rhinoplasty alone will help Knoxville patients improve their appearance in the way that they want. In other situations, the procedure should be combined with other surgeries. For example, a patient’s profile may benefit from facial implants as well as rhinoplasty surgery.

After deciding on the plan for rhinoplasty surgery, Knoxville patients schedule their procedure and get any pre-operative instructions they will require. The operation takes place in a professional setting; in the case of rhinoplasty, surgery will be in an outpatient center and will be done under anesthesia. The length of the operation varies according to the patient, but typical rhinoplasty surgery takes 2-3 hours.

Patients receive excellent care during their recovery from a procedure as well. They are prescribed necessary medications and scheduled for follow-up appointments to ensure that healing is taking place as expected. Along the way, Dr. Hall and his staff answer any post-operative questions that patients have and respond to any concerns so that patients can enjoy the results of their investment.

At Knoxville Plastic & Craniofacial Surgery, cosmetic surgery patients will know they have a team that meets all of their needs. We invite you to learn more about our work.

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