Where Are the Incisions Placed When Getting a Tummy Tuck?

November 24th, 2018 / Back to Blog »

Knoxville Tummy TuckMost Knoxville men and women who are considering getting a tummy tuck are doing so because they’re displeased with the current look of their abdomen. Whether they have a big bulge that just won’t go away caused by diastasis recti (also known as separated abdominal muscles), or they have loose and sagging skin as a result of previous pregnancies, weight loss or the aging process, they just aren’t happy with the way they appear in bathing suits or tight clothing. These potential tummy tuck patients want to be able to show off the mid-section, and not have a long, telltale scar that they’ve had work done. So, it’s no surprise that many potential tummy tuck patients who inquire about the surgery with Dr. Hall are curious where their incisions will be placed.

All About Your Tummy Tuck Incision.

Knoxville patients considering a tummy tuck should rest assured that Dr. Hall works as diligently as possible to hide the necessary incision well below the bikini line, so women can still look great in a bikini and men can still look fabulous in swim shorts without a noticeable scar. You should know, though, that in order to provide Dr. Hall with the access he needs to your abdominal muscles and to excise excess abdominal skin, your incision will be placed hip to hip in most patients. If you’re a woman who has previously had a c-section, Dr. Hall can remove that existing scar to create a much nicer tummy tuck incision, so you aren’t left with two scars on your lower abdomen.

What Happens During a Tummy Tuck?

Many Knoxville tummy tuck candidates know that the procedure leaves them with a tighter, trimmer abdomen, but they aren’t exactly sure what takes place surgically in order to make that happen. Rest assured, Dr. Hall is all about educating his potential plastic surgery candidates on their proposed procedures, and he will explain every detail to you before your surgery.

During a tummy tuck procedure, Knoxville’s Dr. Hall makes a low hip to hip incision to give him optimal access to your abdomen to perform the surgery. First, he looks at your abdominal muscles. Dr. Hall finds that many of his patients, especially women who have had children in the past, have a bulge in their stomach area that just won’t go away despite diet and exercise. This is due to separated abdominal muscles. By repairing these separated abdominal muscles, you have tighter, flatter abdomen without that bulge you could never exercise away.

Next, Dr. Hall will remove loose and sagging abdominal skin from your belly, frequently caused by pregnancy, aging, and weight loss. By removing this skin, you no longer have loose skin in your belly, and can proudly show it off in swimwear or midriff shirts.

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