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Best Treatment Options for Crow’s FeetTrillium Plastic Surgery

May 1st, 2017

Best Treatment Options for Crow’s Feet

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Hall has quickly gained the reputation as being one of the most precise and gentle doctors in the region. Our patients absolutely love working with Dr. Hall because of how attentive he is at every single meeting. Dr. Hall started his practice to be unique: to work transparently and honestly with every patient and listen to what they have to say. Dr. Hall also travels overseas on international medical missions to help children and families who otherwise would never get the medical treatment they need. If you’re hoping to work with one of the rising stars in the plastic surgery field, make sure you contact us today to learn more and get started.

What Causes Crow’s Feet?

There are actually two different types of wrinkles on the face: dynamic and static. When you are actively smiling or frowning, your facial muscles are pulling the skin and forming wrinkles. These are called dynamic lines because after you relax your muscles, the lines disappear.

Static lines are wrinkles that are always present even if the muscles underneath aren’t moving. A young child will have crow’s feet at the corners of their eyes when they smile. But those lines will disappear when they stop. For an older person, those crow’s feet have solidified into static lines that are always there even when they’re not smiling. This is why many patients start to look at their options for crow’s feet treatment. Patients will get the chance to talk with Dr. Hall about a couple of different treatment options.

Options for Crow’s Feet Treatment

Men and women that are ready to “delete” their crow’s feet can discuss their options with Dr. Hall during their complimentary consultations.

  • Botox – When it comes to the “gold standard” for dynamic crow’s feet treatment, patients get terrific results with Botox. This option is effective for patients that have lots of dynamic crow’s feet wrinkles because Botox temporarily paralyzes the muscles that form them.
  • Laser resurfacing – For patients that have static crow’s feet, laser resurfacing is a great option. Many patients elect to get a combination of Botox and laser resurfacing.
  • Injectable filler – a filler such as Juvederm can be injected into the area after Botox to help eliminate the static lines in this and other areas.
  • Brow lift – Finally, there is also a surgical option to address crow’s A brow lift can help tighten the skin around the eyes and eliminate crow’s feet.

If you want to eliminate many of the wrinkles on your face and the crow’s feet around your eyes, call Dr. Hall today at (865) 973-9500. We would love to schedule a complimentary consultation so that you and Dr. Hall can discuss your goals and what he thinks is the best route to go.


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