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Breast Implant Removalin Knoxville

F or a lot of women, the enhanced size and fullness of the breasts after an implant can be a major cause for excitement and satisfaction. It is, however, very common for women to consider removing their implants for a variety of reasons.

You might be tired of your implants and the effect they have on your breasts. You might be thinking of going for a more natural look. You might be experiencing difficulties with your implants after having children or due to normal weight changes. In all these cases, Dr. Hall at Trillium Plastic Surgery can provide you with expert breast implant removal services. With a complete understanding of your situation and aesthetic goals, Dr. Hall can help devise a plan that can get you the results you want while enjoying our laid-back, caring environment at Trillium Plastic Surgery.

What is Breast Implant Removal?

A lso known as explant surgery, the process of breast implant removal involves the extraction of breast implants from the pocket using surgery. The surgery can either be simple and straightforward or complex, depending on the reasons behind the surgery and the individual characteristics and condition of each patient. Dr. Hall can remove the existing implants and replace them with new ones or carry out the breast implant removal process without replacement or with other accompanying procedures like a breast lift or fat transfer.

Breast Implant Removal Procedure

At Trillium Plastic Surgery, Dr. Hall carries out breast implant removal under general anesthesia so that patients remain comfortable during the procedure. Typically, depending on the procedure involved, Dr. Hall evaluates existing incision patterns and creates an incision plan that aims to minimize scarring as much as possible.

The duration of the surgery depends on the complexities involved. Straightforward implant removal can take very little time. In the case of saline implants, it might also be possible to externally deflate and drain the implant without surgery. In some cases, a breast lift would also be carried out along with the implant removal process. In more complicated cases, Dr. Hall might employ an en bloc capsulectomy or total capsulectomy procedure that removes the implant and its surrounding tissue in one single piece.

Why Choose Breast Implant Removal?

A t Trillium Plastic Surgery, Dr. Hall has a wealth of experience treating patients who choose to remove their implants due to a host of different reasons. Here are a few things you can consider when making your choice:

Old Implants – Breast implants have a lifespan. Even if you have not experienced any complication, there may come a time when the implants would need to be taken out. You can opt for a replacement or go back to a more natural look.

Aesthetic Reasons – With time, you might feel the need to go back to a more natural look without implants. The effects of aging, pregnancies, weight loss, and a host of other physiologic changes can change the overall aesthetic impact of implants. With time, you might feel like getting your implants removed and Dr. Hall can help you get there.

Discomfort and Pain – You might be facing discomfort due to the added weight of breast implants or pain due to the building up of scar tissue (“capsular contracture”) around the implant. In such cases, it is often a quality of life choice to remove breast implants.

Ruptured Implants – Whether using a saline or a silicone implant, a rupture needs to be dealt with quickly. This is to prevent unpleasant symptoms from developing.

Breast Implant Illness – Though modern medicine has found no connection between breast implants and the symptoms associated with Breast Implant Illness, some report finding relief after breast implant removal.

Capsular Contracture – The scar tissue that forms around the implant after the surgery is usually soft and holds the implant in place. However, it can become hard and painful in some cases and even distort the appearance of the breasts. In such cases, it is important to remove the implants and the surrounding scar tissue for relief.

Recovery After Breast Implant Removal

A t Trillium Plastic Surgery, you can expect a clear recovery roadmap after breast implant removal that expedites healing. Dr. Hall provides patients with clear information about post-operative effects and suggests a recovery roadmap that gets you back to full function in as little time as possible.

Our friendly, caring atmosphere can be a perfect complement to Dr. Hall's advanced skills and you are sure to feel welcome and well-cared-for. If you want your breast implants removed by an expert plastic surgeon, contact us at Trillium Plastic Surgery and schedule a preliminary consultation to discuss your expectations with Dr. Hall. You can get in touch with us at (865) 973-9500.

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