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Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)in Knoxville

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american society of plastic surgeons Fellow American college of surgeons American Board of Physician Specialties American College of Surgeons The Aesthetic Society American Society for Mass Spectrometry american cleft palate-craniofacial association american society of plastic surgeons Fellow American college of surgeons American Board of Physician Specialties American College of Surgeons american board of surgery The Aesthetic Society American Society for Mass Spectrometry american cleft palate-craniofacial association
Blepharoplasty Knoxville

A ging and gravity can have a profound effect on the tissues of the face. Nowhere is this more apparent than around the eyes.

Loose skin, bags under the eyes, and fatty deposits can all contribute to a look that says “old and tired”. Droopy eyelids can also impair your vision. Eyelid surgery, upper & lower, can help turn back the clock and restore your eyelids to give you a more youthful, rested appearance.

Dr. Hall takes care to place incisions in a location that is not noticeable after your eyelids have healed. Depending on your condition and the results you want to achieve, Dr. Hall might have to remove not only the skin but also fat tissues and muscle tissue from the eyelids and surrounding areas.

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

This involves surgical procedures that are done purely for aesthetic reasons and do not serve any medical purpose. The only goal is to improve your appearance.

As the body ages, the eyelids, both the upper and lower ones, can become baggy or droopy. There can also be drooping or sagging of the eyebrows for the same reason. The skin of the eyelid can start stretching, the muscles can start to weaken, and pockets of fat can start bulging and becoming more prominent. This can cause an older, more tired appearance by affecting the look of your eyes and face. This can also be caused by hereditary conditions.

With the help of cosmetic blepharoplasty, Knoxville's own Dr. Hall can help you correct these problems.

Functional Eyelid Surgery

Unlike cosmetic blepharoplasty, functional blepharoplasty is done primarily for a medical reason. Here are a few problems that it can help solve:

  • Partially or fully impaired vision caused by the droop of the upper eyelid due to loosened skin
  • Rubbing together of the folds in the excess skin of the eyelid, causing irritation and discomfort
  • Discomfort and pain in the forehead stemming from muscles that are strained and overused to keep the sagging eyelid skin lifted
  • Baggy eyelids creating problems in wearing corrective glasses or using contact lenses

At Trillium Plastic Surgery, we offer patients seeking blepharoplasty Knoxville plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Hall, and his expertise for practical surgical solutions.

Dealing with Ptosis

P tosis signifies a droop in the upper eyelid that can occur in one or both eyes. This happens when the margin or edge of the upper eyelid becomes lowered from its usual position. While the most common cause behind ptosis is the aging process, some people also have it as a congenital issue. This can also result from the manipulation of the upper eyelid during common eye surgeries like cataract surgeries. Trauma and stroke can also cause ptosis. This is a condition that Dr. Hall routinely deals with.

Blepharoplasty Knoxville, TN

Am I A Candidate For

B Before going ahead with the surgery, Dr. Hall will discuss risk factors that can emerge from diabetes, thyroid problems, and dry eye problems.

Smoking is also an issue and if you are a smoker, you would need to quit several weeks prior to the surgery. It also helps immensely to have a positive outlook and realistic expectations from the surgery. You may be a candidate for Blepharoplasty if you are healthy and:

  • Have sagging, droopy upper eyelids
  • Have lower eyelid bags that don’t go away (even after a good night’s sleep)
  • Have conditions that exaggerate the sagging of eyelids, like edema or eye allergies

Blepharoplasty & Procedure

B lepharoplasty is performed in an outpatient surgery center, and in some cases can be done under a light anesthetic. Surgery length can range in time depending on what different procedures you and Dr. Hall decide are right for you. You will go home the day of the procedure and will apply cooling packs to your eyes to minimize swelling and discomfort.

Blepharoplasty Recovery

Over the course of the first week after eyelid surgery, swelling of the eyelids significantly decreases. Sutures are typically removed 5 days after surgery (if there are any to remove at all). You will be given some eye drops that you will need to use for the first week after surgery.

Because of the swelling, most patients take a week off of work for eyelid surgery recovery. Typically, hypoallergenic makeup can be worn after approximately a week, and you can go back to wearing contact lenses (if you need them) at that time. Careful use of eyeglass can, however, be resumed any time after the surgery.

It is important to remember that the aging process of your body continues after your procedure and can still have further effects on your eyes. A blepharoplasty procedure can retain its effects, both functional and cosmetic, for up to 10 years. However, this will depend upon your health, lifestyle choices, and several other factors.

Knoxville Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty Cost

The cost of blepharoplasty will vary depending on how much skin and fat need to be removed and whether any other procedures are done at the same time. Typically, the total cost for an upper or lower lid blepharoplasty ranges between $4,110 and $5,520. For both upper and lower eyelid surgery, the total cost typically ranges between $7,940 and $8,940.

You can take advantage of our eyelid surgery financing option through Care Credit. For more information on what is included in the total cost of the procedure, please see the pricing page. If you have any questions about blepharoplasty, Knoxville’s top plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Hall would like to meet with you to discuss your options, call (865) 973-9500, or use our contact form and request an appointment. For out of town patients, feel free to request an online consult via Skype.

Consultation and Preparation

During your consultation, Dr. Hall will talk to you regarding your expectations from the surgery and give you a realistic picture regarding the results. You would have to share your medical history with us and submit to a medical examination if needed.

Before your procedure, you would need to stop taking anti-inflammatory medication and any other medication that thins out the blood. There might also be a need to adjust the dosage of other medications that you take regularly.


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Complimentary Phone Consultation

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Schedule a complimentary phone consultation with one of our knowledgeable surgical consultants who are trained by Dr. Jason Hall. They will answer many of your questions, discuss pricing, and happily schedule you an in-person consultation with Dr. Hall if you are a good surgical candidate.

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Dr. Hall's Plastic Surgery Consultant

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To reserve your in-person consultation with Dr. Hall, you will be charged a $100 consultation fee. Should you decide to move forward with surgery, this fee will be applied to your surgical procedure.

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Preparations & Surgery Day

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After you reserve your surgery date, Dr. Hall and his team will make sure you are well informed and prepared for your big day. Preparation is a very important part of your plastic surgery journey.

The post-op phase is an important time of healing and recovering so you can enjoy your amazing results and your improved quality of life that you have envisioned.

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Enjoy the Results