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Dr. Jason Hall | Trillium Plastic Surgery, Knoxville, TN

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Trillium Plastic Surgery Knoxville, TN

T rillium Plastic Surgery is the premier destination in Knoxville for artisanal cosmetic services.

We are here to serve you on your unique aesthetic journey. We deliver tailored, premium results, with the goal of improving the lives of each and every one of our patients. Top plastic surgeon in Knoxville, TN., Dr. Jason J. Hall is a board-certified plastic surgeon & Fellow of the prestigious American College of Surgeons. He offers his exceptional skill, acquired from 18 years of practice in surgery, to serve the people of Knoxville and surrounding communities with precision cosmetics. Dr. Jason Hall begins your aesthetic journey with you here.

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Jason J. Hall

Knoxville Plastic Surgeon

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american society of plastic surgeons Fellow American college of surgeons American Board of Physician Specialties American College of Surgeons The Aesthetic Society American Society for Mass Spectrometry american cleft palate-craniofacial association
american society of plastic surgeons Fellow American college of surgeons American Board of Physician Specialties American College of Surgeons The Aesthetic Society American Society for Mass Spectrometry american cleft palate-craniofacial association american society of plastic surgeons Fellow American college of surgeons American Board of Physician Specialties American College of Surgeons american board of surgery The Aesthetic Society American Society for Mass Spectrometry american cleft palate-craniofacial association

D r. Jason Hall graduated from The Webb School of Knoxville and went on to complete his fellowship at Stanford University. Dr. Hall has acquired extensive surgical acumen in his now 18 years of experience.

After years of private surgical practice in Houston, Dr. Hall and his family relocated to Knoxville to return to the community where Dr. Hall grew up. Now offering his extensive skill to the people of Knoxville and surrounding areas, he offers a number of cosmetic procedures to improve your appearance, letting your natural beauty and confidence shine through.

Viewing his calling as more than a simple profession Dr. Hall puts his expertise in plastic surgery to use in serving the greater community. Dr. Hall donates a portion of every cosmetic service fee collected toward helping children live better lives with annual mission trips to bring reconstructive surgery to impoverished children and communities far and wide. He also donates locally to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of East Tennessee.

"Being able to change the course of another person's entire life for the better lays at the foundation of what being a doctor is. It is why I get up every day."

W hether you are a mother in need of a mommy makeover, or are seeking to rejuvenate tired-looking eyes with blepharoplasty, plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Hall, will help you discover the ideal way to achieve your aesthetic goals.

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As we reach 40 or 50, our faces begin to give us away when it comes to our age. Cheeks sag, the skin of the neck becomes loose, and ever deeper lines form around the mouth which can make us look much older than we feel. A facelift, in which the tissues of the face are repositioned to their proper, youthful place, can help to rejuvenate a tired, aged appearance.

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The nose is considered to be the focal point of the face. If you are unhappy with your nose – whether it is too large, crooked, or has unsightly bumps and a poor contour – it will be the one thing that you, and others, will focus on. During a rhinoplasty, nose plastic surgery (or “nose job”), Dr. Hall will reshape the tissues of your nose to give you the nose that best fits your face.

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Eyelid Surgery - Blepharoplasty

Aging and gravity can have a profound effect on the tissues of the face. Nowhere is this more apparent than around the eyes. Loose skin, bags under the eyes, and fatty deposits can all contribute to a look that says “old and tired”. Eyelid surgery, upper & lower, can help turn back the clock and restore your eyelids to give you a more youthful, rested appearance.

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Laser Resurfacing

Laser skin & resurfacing treatments can help remove skin defects and blemishes by stimulating the body's natural healing ability. Nearly any laser skin treatment can accomplish this, but the techniques used by Dr. Hall are hand-selected for their ability to minimize down-time, allowing for a much quicker, pain-free recovery that still delivers refreshed, glowing skin.

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Wrinkles, no matter where they are on your face, make you look older and more tired. BOTOX® Cosmetic works to temporarily erase those lines, and can take the appearance of years off your face. All BOTOX® Cosmetic are performed personally by Dr. Hall, as his years of training and study enables him to get more natural, consistent results.

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Breast Augmentation

There are many things to consider when making the decision to have breast augmentation surgery. During your consultation with Dr. Hall, he will listen to your goals and help guide you through the decision-making process concerning Knoxville breast augmentation and procedures.

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Personal Patient Care

Privacy & Personal Attention

Trillium Plastic Surgery Knoxville, TN

D r. Jason J. Hall prides himself on giving his patients the individual attention they deserve.

Dr. Hall does not ascribe to the “assembly line” methods of modern hospitals and doctors' offices. At Trillium Plastic Surgery you are treated with respect and care. Dr. Hall takes time to answer any questions you may have, ensure that you fully understand your procedure or treatment and feel comfortable and confident moving forward. Our state-of-the art surgical center is designed with your patient experience in mind. We do all of our services in house, ensuring you get the privacy and personal attention fitting to any cosmetic treatment.

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Trillium Plastic Surgery Knoxville, TN
Trillium Plastic Surgery Knoxville, TN

Patient Reviews

Choosing to have cosmetic surgery can be a difficult decision. Determining who will help you reach your goals is an important step in moving forward. Undoubtedly, you want a doctor who shares the goals you have for yourself. Hear testimonials from our delighted patients.

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Trillium Plastic Surgery has a very high end and polished feel and the staff is exceptionally welcoming and friendly. I liked the ability to see the computerized changes to my nose pre-surgery to make sure my surgeon and I were on the same page. I've always hated the hump on my nose as well as the elongated tip - Dr. Hall gave me a beautiful profile. Dr. Hall, went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with my results. He truly believes in making his patient happy.

I would not hesitate in the least to go back to Dr. Hall in the future if I ever decide to get more done. Dr. Hall is hands-down the number one plastic surgeon in my book! He has changed my outlook on loving myself forever. For the first time in my entire life I can finally say I LOVE my breasts!

Dr. Hall wasn't pushy on just one option, instead, he gave advice on what he thought will work out best and really listened to what my wants and needs were. Loved my experience and love the entire staff. Definitely recommend!

The single best thing is, Dr. Hall was clear about what to expect and it turned out exactly as he said it would. I was given a Breast reduction, replaced my old implants, plus reconstructed the area around my nipples. They were very large - now they're perfect. Plus I regained sensitivity. I asked if he reconnected a wire. The staff is sweet and caring. Dr. Hall does everything to make you feel comfortable. Plus I feel like he does what he needs to and nothing that he doesn't feel like you need. The fact that he's handsome is just a plus.

After a lot of research, I decided Dr. Hall was the person I trusted to remove moles from my face. Many doctors had told me the scar would be worse than the mole. Dr. Hall's site said scarless, and it was scarless. I had about 7 lesions of sorts removed and they all healed beautifully. His staff is very nice and the office is clean and modern. Dr. Hall has a wonderful chairside manner and is clearly highly skilled. I would definitely see him again, should I have any other aesthetic needs in the future!

I have thought about breast augmentation for years but wasn't sure that I'd ever go through with it. I'm 30 years old, have two young children, and until last week… I was very flat-chested and therefore didn't feel like a "woman". After working up the courage to start researching Knoxville surgeons, I kept coming back to Dr. Hall. Reading through his website and all of these helpful patient reviews, something about him felt so "right" to me.


For You. For All.

Changing Lives In The USA & Abroad

Dr. Jason Hall - Knoxville Plastic Surgeon

F or every cosmetic procedure Dr. Hall performs, a portion of the fee is donated to charities that provide free reconstructive surgery for children and adults suffering from birth deformities or injuries.

You will help provide the medication, equipment, and resources to literally change the life of someone who doesn't have access to the care they need or the means to get it. Do something for yourself, but give the gift of reconstructive surgery to someone who would otherwise be without. You'll be able to make an impact in the life of a child, just by being a part of our practice family.

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9239 Park W Blvd #202, Knoxville, TN 37923

Complimentary Phone Consultation

Step 1

Schedule a complimentary phone consultation with one of our knowledgeable surgical consultants who are trained by Dr. Jason Hall. They will answer many of your questions, discuss pricing, and happily schedule you an in-person consultation with Dr. Hall if you are a good surgical candidate.

Dr. Jason Hall - Trillium Plastic Surgery Knoxville Tennessee

Dr. Hall's Plastic Surgery Consultant

Complimentary Phone Consultation

15 minute

Phone call

To reserve your in-person consultation with Dr. Hall, you will be charged a $100 consultation fee. Should you decide to move forward with surgery, this fee will be applied to your surgical procedure.

Step 2

Meet with Dr. Jason Hall for your in-person consultation.

Preparations & Surgery Day

Step 3

After you reserve your surgery date, Dr. Hall and his team will make sure you are well informed and prepared for your big day. Preparation is a very important part of your plastic surgery journey.

The post-op phase is an important time of healing and recovering so you can enjoy your amazing results and your improved quality of life that you have envisioned.

Step 4

Enjoy the Results