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About Us Trillium Plastic Surgery

T rillium Plastic Surgery, under the able leadership of Dr. Jason J. Hall, has been committed to providing people in Knoxville, Tennessee the very best in terms of plastic and craniofacial surgery procedures since 2015.

Cosmetic surgery can help turn people’s lives around, and we take pride in providing this service to our community. Cosmetic surgery can bring about positive changes in our patients' lives, and they can start feeling confident again. We also adhere to the highest standards of medical care. We keep our facility equipped with the latest modern innovations in medical technology. Establishing quality relationships with new patients, treating them like family, and the best plastic surgery treatment are the goals we hold most dear.

Our Core Philosophy

C hanging lives for the better can be immensely powerful. Creating a significant difference in people's lives is a priceless and rare opportunity. This is why Trillium Plastic Surgery strives for ever-better treatments and solutions. We aim to provide significant improvements and enrichment to the lives of every patient who walks into our doors.

We maintain a friendly atmosphere in our clinic that is comforting and welcoming to everyone. We love to treat patients like members of our extended family and get to know them in detail, not only to provide excellent plastic surgery but also to create lasting bonds that are as rewarding for us as it can be for them. We also believe in giving back to the community and maintaining a holistic approach towards medicine and surgery. The prospect of being able to change lives with every surgery gives us fuel to do better every day. Along with the positive changes that we bring to the lives of our adult patients, it is also immensely special for us to help children with our craniofacial surgery services. Merely a few hours with us can help you get life improvements that can last for a lifetime.

Meet the Doctor - Jason J. Hall MD, FACS

Trillium Plastic Surgery is directed by Dr. Jason Hall. With training and residency from some of the most prominent institutes in the country and years of successful private practice, Dr. Hall chose to return to Knoxville, leaving behind the hustle and bustle of a more urban setting.

Dr. Hall is a board-certified plastic surgeon and an honored member of several of the top plastic surgery societies in the country. Apart from the immense medical experience and expertise of Dr. Hall, another driving force that inspires him and this clinic is a will to do good and contribute to the lives of others.

Meet Dr. Jason Hall

Our Mission – For You, For All

W ith a clear focus on a holistic approach to medicine and giving back to those in need, our mission, “For You, For All” is a sign of our commitment towards this core philosophy. A portion of every dollar we earn is always reserved for mission organizations that do significant good both locally and throughout the world, improving the lives of children who need surgical care but would have to live without it otherwise.

As people become a part of our lives, they also get to appreciate the impact that their relationship with our clinic has on those children. Dr. Hall is a firm believer in giving back and undertakes medical mission trips often. He considers intense international surgical missions a joyous and affirming experience, and our mission allows all our patients to participate in the service that these medical missions do around the world.

What Is A Third Party Free Practice?

Our Staff

When you walk into our doors, we want you to have a superb experience you can remember and cherish. This is not simply in terms of the standards of medical care and the expertise of the surgery you receive, but also in terms of the friendliness and warmth of the people you meet and get to know here.

When you become a part of the Trillium family, you also become an integral part of our journey towards a better future. If this prospect excites you and you want to know more about the treatments we offer, contact us to learn more.

Our Staff


Our blog is a repository of valuable information that can be helpful for patients, their families, and those willing to learn more about the latest concepts, techniques, procedures, and best practices in plastic surgery.

We use the blog platform to provide important information about our clinic, about the philosophy and expertise of Dr. Hall and the staff, and important developments in the field of plastic surgery and medicine in general.



I f you are interested in a rewarding, fulfilling career in the field of healthcare, you can consider joining us at Trillium Plastic Surgery. Our team is constantly growing and evolving and we are always looking for dedicated, outstanding people.

All our full-time employees get an excellent benefits package and get to enjoy a relaxed, fun work environment where we get a lot done. If you are meticulous, dedicated, and hard-working, it can be a great career move for you to join us here at Trillium. You can go over to our Careers page to learn more about our current open positions to see if you are a good fit.



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