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Mommy Makeover Surgeryin Knoxville

A s a mother, you sacrifice your time and energy to give your family the best possible life. Part of this sacrifice is often physical as well.

For this reason, many women consider mommy makeover surgery. Moms know that during child rearing, their bodies can take a toll.

  • Facial features can age and sag due to strain and stress.
  • Mothers can retain weight despite diet and exercise.
  • The chest and waist may look less attractive or less youthful than the mother’s true age.

With all that they do for their families, women should not have to make this sort of trade-off. That’s why there’s mommy makeover surgery.

What Is A “Mommy Makeover?”

S o, what is a “mommy makeover?” Women may have heard the term used by medical practices specializing in plastic and cosmetic surgery. It is a series of procedures—many of which can be conducted during the same surgical session—mean to restore youthfulness and vitality to the patient’s body.

With mommy makeover surgery, patients can address all of the concerns that are decreasing their attractiveness. Some of these procedures focus on signs of aging. Others deal with traits that patients have always wanted to change, such as brow lifts. The goal is to give mothers the physical beauty that they deserve. Knoxville Plastic & Craniofacial Surgery, led by Dr. Jason Hall, provides care for women who are ready to rejuvenate their bodies. The practice offers a variety of treatment options.

Breast Augmentation

Patients undergoing a mommy makeover consult with Dr. Hall about the results that they would like to achieve, whether it is a larger chest, a more shapely physique, or an overall rejuvenated appearance. An examination helps Dr. Hall determine what size and shape of breast implant works best with the patient’s body type.

During the operation, Dr. Hall uses skill, experience, and an artist’s eye to sculpt a new chest for the patient. His aim is to give her more attractive, natural-looking breasts. The results he has provided for hundreds of patients speak to his skills and knowledge.

Tummy Tuck

As a result of childbirth, some women find themselves stuck with extra loose skin and fat that they cannot eliminate through diet and exercise. With a tummy tuck procedure as part of their mommy makeover surgery, patients can remove these materials from their abdominal region. Dr. Hall’s surgical procedure will also strengthen their “six pack” area, tightening and repositioning the muscles.

The typical tummy tuck procedure will be done in an outpatient surgery center. Usually, it lasts about two hours. At the end, the patient has eliminated extra skin and fat… and achieved a more shapely body.


It is not uncommon, after pregnancy and childbirth, to have stubborn areas of fat on your body that don’t surrender to diet and exercise. This can include saddlebags, love handles, a double chin, and more.

Liposuction can be performed in any number of ways, targeting various areas of the body, but the basics remain the same. After you have been given an anesthetic, a numbing fluid is placed into the areas where Dr. Hall will perform the procedure. A thin tube is then introduced through a few small, hidden incisions and is used to remove the unwanted fat deposits for good.


Hormonal changes during pregnancy as well as the process of childbirth can result in changes to the labia. Labiaplasty aims to improve quality of life and functionality by contours and sculpts the labia. Dr. Hall understands his patients desire to return to their bodies to pre-pregnancy conditions. He offers labiaplasty results which are highly personalized to your express wishes and goals.

Women who have received labiaplasty report improved aesthetics, increased confidence, enhanced sensual pleasure, increased comfort during physical activity and even broader wardrobe options. For women experiencing unhappiness with the size, shape or functionality of their labia, a surgical labiaplasty can deliver life-changing results.

Recovery And Results

F or each mommy makeover surgery, women may have a different recovery period. Discomfort is limited by Dr. Hall’s gentle technique and care during surgery. Typically, however, patients will be limited in certain physical activities for several weeks.

Dr. Hall spends time advising his patients on ways to speed recovery while ensuring that results are not compromised. The results, after all, are what make the investment in surgery worthwhile. Patients benefit from a body that is still their own, but with attractive proportions and contours restored to the body after pregnancy and childbirth. After the sacrifices that mothers have made, it is our pleasure to give back to them.

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