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Augmentation in Knoxville

american society of plastic surgeons Fellow American college of surgeons American Board of Physician Specialties American College of Surgeons The Aesthetic Society American Society for Mass Spectrometry american cleft palate-craniofacial association International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
american society of plastic surgeons Fellow American college of surgeons American Board of Physician Specialties American College of Surgeons The Aesthetic Society American Society for Mass Spectrometry american cleft palate-craniofacial association american society of plastic surgeons Fellow American college of surgeons American Board of Physician Specialties American College of Surgeons american board of surgery The Aesthetic Society American Society for Mass Spectrometry american cleft palate-craniofacial association International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
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B reast augmentation refers to an elective cosmetic procedure to enlarge the breasts by inserting implants made using soft flexible shells of saline or silicone.

Occasionally, the option to transfer fat from other areas on the body is also available. The implants are surgically placed behind the natural breast tissue or behind the muscles on your chest. Breast augmentation is not the same as a breast lift which refers to the procedure done to correct sagging breasts. The most common reasons motivating women to opt for breast enlargement are:

  1. Enlarge breasts that are too small
  2. Improve symmetry of the breasts
  3. Add volume and “lift” to breasts after pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss.

What Does the Breast Augmentation Procedure Consist of?

Our Knoxville breast augmentation is done in an outpatient surgery center with you asleep. A typical breast augmentation surgery lasts about an hour, and you’ll go home later that day after you’ve woken up. After surgery, a comfortable post-surgical bra (which is included as part of your surgical package) is all you will need to wear after your surgery. There are no drainage tubes or other complicated dressings for you to worry about.

How Do I Know if a Breast Augmentation is Right for Me?

Making the decision to have breast augmentation can be difficult, and once you’ve made that important decision, you don’t realize that there are a number of other, smaller decisions to be made that you hadn’t even considered. During your consultation with Knoxville plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Hall, he will examine you and help guide you in making the decisions that are right for you.

Factors To Consider For Breast Augmentation

The following list illustrates the different variables that you and Dr. Hall need to decide on to give you the best possible result from your breast augmentation.

Silicone implant or saline implant?

Saline implants are made using a sterile saltwater solution similar to the one already in your body. The incision made is smaller, since the implants are filled after they have been placed. Silicone implants are made using a gel similar to human fat. This makes them feel more natural, like breast tissue. They are filled before placing them and tend to be more expensive.

Implant shape – round or “teardrop” shaped?

Round implants maintain their original shape even with time, hence rotating them back to shape is not a concern and is not likely to lose their shape. Tear-drop shaped implants have a more natural look and are recommended for older women. They do however feel a bit firmer than round ones.

A smooth implant or textured implant?

Smooth textured implants have a surface that allows them to move around in the breast pocket, without creating any friction in the process. They tend to last longer than textured implants and are more expensive. Rough textured implants tend to stay in the initial positions, lowering the chances of developing complications.

A textured surface on implants prevents them from moving around excessively, as compared to a smooth texture. Depending on your reasons for getting the augmentation, this can help you decide which you prefer.

Under the breast, under the arm, or around the nipple?

The ability to breastfeed in the future will depend on the incision location. Most surgeons will advise you to have the incision underneath your breasts or near the armpit instead of around the nipple.

You will also have to decide where the breast implant will be. It can be placed between the mammary gland and pectoral muscle, or underneath the muscle.

The Technological Advantage

O ne of the decisions that tend to cause a great deal of anxiety when choosing to have a breast augmentation is: “What Size Implant Is Going To Give Me The Look That I Want?” In the past, the only way to predict what you’d look like after surgery was rather crude and inaccurate: stuffing a bra with implants of various sizes and choosing the implant that you felt most comfortable with. Not only was this a time-consuming process, but also was inaccurate and could be misleading.

Vectra 3D Imaging System For Breast Augmentation

Now, with state-of-the-art computer imaging, Dr. Hall does all of his breast augmentation consultations using the Vectra 3D imaging system. After your examination, he will go over your images in 3 dimensions and simulate how you would look (both with and without clothes) with implants of various sizes.

This can give you an idea of the technology, but it is not you. During your consultation for breast augmentation Knoxville plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Hall, will do this same thing with you and your own photos (and a lot more options than the online simulation has.)

Knoxville Breast Augmentation patient model in a white button up shirt and bikini bottoms at the beach

Breast Augmentation Cost

Breast Augmentation costs vary depending on the type of implants used, anesthesia required during surgery, hospital charges, medication, and more.

You can receive an estimate using our online pricing tool. Simply select the procedures or treatments you are interested in and get a comprehensive estimate of the total cost, including any implants, post-surgical garments, and surgery center fees.

Recovery From Breast Augmentation

Recovery from breast augmentation is not difficult. You will be back to doing normal activities around the house within 24 hours with little to no bruising and can shower normally the day after surgery.

The biggest thing that women complain about after augmentation is the exercise limitation. You feel great shortly after surgery and want to “show off” to friends and family. However, for you to get the best results, it is important that you wait six weeks after your surgery before starting back on an exercise routine or doing any other strenuous activity.

Additional information concerning breast augmentation and recovery:

  • Time off work: Long weekend (2-3 days)
  • Social time off: 48 hours
  • How long after surgery until ready for big events where photos will be taken: 3 months
  • Stitches: All internal, none to remove. Surgical tape or skin glue covers all incisions
  • Drains: None
  • Shower: Day after surgery. No baths, hot tubs, or swimming for 2 weeks.


  • No working out or lifting over 10 pounds for 6 weeks
  • No underwire bra for 6 weeks

Additional details on different types of augmentation procedures:

  • Round implants: Mo drains, rarely need pain medication after the first day.
  • Shaped and/or textured implants take longer because of added technical finesse required to place them correctly (an improperly placed shaped implant can mean a second operation). We only do these in specific situations.

Patients will want to delay buying new bras/swimsuits for 6-8 weeks until a majority of the surgical swelling has resolved.

Choosing The Right Doctor For Breast Implants

Before making the decision to have breast implants, patients have to find a medical team that will meet their needs. Identifying the right doctor is not always a simple process, however.

Sometimes, it starts by speaking with friends who have had the operation, either as a standalone procedure or as part of a “mommy makeover”. Women who have had successful outcomes are often willing to discuss their experience and to recommend the surgeon who gave them such great results.

In other cases, however, women may not have this type of guidance before having breast implants. There are many physicians claiming to be capable plastic surgeons, but there are several factors that patients should seek out in order to find the right doctor


When you choose a doctor, you want someone who has been in practice for several years, providing patients with beautiful new bodies and greater confidence in their appearance.

Why does experience matter? The more breast implants that a surgeon performs, the more capable he becomes in shaping the woman’s body to look as graceful and attractive as possible. He will have had more practice with different implant sizes and body types. Also, these surgeons will have patients who can speak to the quality of their results. Look for opportunities to view the surgeon’s previous work or to read testimonials from past patients.


Women should get breast implants from a surgeon who has an excellent educational background, who continues to study best practices, and who keeps informed about new technology. Studious doctors understand how breast implants can be used in a natural-looking and beautiful way.

In addition, a doctor focused on best practices will take the time to learn about the patient’s goals. He or she will make a thorough examination of the patient’s body to identify the optimal position, size, and shape for the implant, and within the operation, the surgeon will use meticulous care in placing the implant.


To most patients, great breast implants are not just about the end result. They are about the experience. The best doctors support the patient throughout the process.

  • In the consultation phase, these doctors offer detailed answers to important questions. They guide patients in making decisions that are right for their needs.
  • During the operation, high-quality surgical teams provide patients with a safe and comfortable environment. They offer great care and attend to patient needs.
  • After a procedure, these physicians do everything possible to reduce pain and speed recovery. They respond to concerns patients might have and ensure that recuperation moves along steadily.

Once You Decide To Get A Breast Enhancement

O nce you’ve decided to go forward with a breast enhancement surgery, your decision-making process has only begun! There are a number of choices that breast implant patients must make, including:

Whether to get silicone or saline implants.

Both breast implant types are safe, but silicone implants are more popular. However, some women prefer saline implants. It’s similar to choosing a mobile phone: you can get the newest iPhone (a cohesive silicone implant), or you can get a flip phone (a saline implant). They both make phone calls and can get the job done, but the silicone looks and feels more natural, and in our opinion, is just a better implant choice for most women.

Whether to have the breast implants placed through an incision under the arm, under the breast, or around the nipple.

All three of these incision types result in minimal visible scarring, though an incision around the nipple is not recommended for women who may decide to breastfeed in the future as this incision type can cut through milk ducts.

Whether to have the breast implants placed above or below the pectoral muscle.

Implants that are placed under the muscle are more natural-looking and feeling when touched, though implants placed above the muscle can help boost sagging breasts that aren’t yet candidates for a breast lift. Athletes also tend to prefer above the muscle breast implant placement.

Whether to have round or teardrop-shaped implants.

Most breast augmentation patients choose round implants because they typically result in more fullness at the top of the breasts. However, women desiring more natural-looking results may choose a teardrop implant.

What breast implant profile to select.

A breast implant profile refers to how much the breast implant will stick out. The higher the profile, the fuller the augmented breast.

How big do you want to go?

Deciding on a breast implant size can be a difficult decision for women. Fortunately, Dr. Hall utilizes the latest 3D simulation technology to help make this decision easier for his breast enlargement patients.

Always wanting his patients to be as informed as possible, Dr. Hall carefully walks each woman he works with through these questions, to ensure they make the best possible decision for themselves.

Choosing Breast Augmentation Surgery

B y far, the most important factor to consider in planning your breast augmentation is you. How your breasts look and are shaped before surgery will help influence some of the choices you make in order to give you the natural result you are looking for. During your consultation for breast augmentation, Dr. Hall will help you determine what choices are best to give you breasts that fit well with the rest of your body.

The size will depend on your physical body proportions, how you carry yourself in terms of posture, and how elastic your skin is. Very large sizes could cause you back and shoulder problems in the future and may destroy your breast tissue.

Each person’s body is built differently, and each procedure varies from person to person. The majority of each breast augmentation is the same but varies in the little details. These little details – the ones that can easily be overlooked – can make the difference between an average result and an outstanding one.

Most implants available today have a lifespan of about 10 years before they need a replacement. Regular self-check is recommended, as well as annual check-ups by your doctor. For silicone implants, the possibility of leakage is higher and may go unnoticed. After surgery, an MRI is advised every two years.

Similar implants can look very different on two people, due to the shape of their bodies. With a muscular or curvy build, it's easier to carry larger implants. Large implants on a smaller build may look disproportionate or unnatural.


For breast augmentation to be possible, the breasts need to be fully developed. Most people in their early 20's experience this problem. However, younger women are more likely to have more elastic skin and more breast tissue hence larger sizes are possible. Older women have thinner skin, hence smaller implants are recommended.

Your medical history is an important factor, in order to reduce the risks during surgery. Any medication you might be on, whether supplements or vitamins can increase the possibility of complications. Lifestyle choices such as exercise and smoking can result in weight gain or loss, affecting the results.

The shape of your breasts can change if you gain or lose weight, with age and as a result of gravity. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can have a similar effect, amplifying the need for follow up surgery. Should you need an additional breast lift, it's preferable to use the same plastic surgeon as before. Breast augmentation alone does not correct sagging breasts. The appropriate procedure, in this case, is a breast lift, or a breast augmentation with lift.

The immediate results after surgery are not always long-lasting. Swelling or bruising can take weeks to go away, as the implants will need to adjust to the right position. Avoid smoking for at least two weeks before the surgery. Nicotine can make the blood vessels narrow, causing irregular blood flow to the healing tissue.

Breast Augmentation FAQs

Most women choose to get silicone gel breast implants because they look the most natural, and feel the most natural, too. However, there are still valid reasons that Dr. Hall’s patients choose saline implants, too. Among these reasons are the desire to have more rounded breasts, or knowing that deflated or leaking saline implants, while a rare complication, will be instantly noticeable.

When you’re combining a breast lift with breast implants surgery, you can go as big as your body will safely allow. Often, women who want a combination of breast lift and breast implants surgery come into a consultation with an ideal cup size in mind. Dr. Hall actually prefers when women come in with photographs that show what they want their final results to look like. These photos – which help Dr. Hall visualize his patient’s desires – can also help Dr. Hall recommend a number of other breast implants choices such as:

  • Breast implant shape – whether rounded or teardrop;
  • Breast implant profile – which refers to how much a breast implant will stick out;
  • Breast implant placement – either underneath the pectoralis (chest) muscle, which creates a more natural look, or in front of the pectoralis muscle, which allows Dr. Hall to create more cleavage in his breast implants placement.

A breast lift will leave a woman with either a circular or vertical scar, depending on the amount of lift that she requires. A breast augmentation can be performed one of four ways, each leaving different scars and providing breast implants patients with different benefits:

  • The Periareolar Incision: Made along the bottom portion of the areola, this incision is often disguised by the natural color difference between your areola and your breast.
  • The Inframammary Incision: This incision, which is made in the breast fold, is hidden by a bra or bikini line. It is a good incision for providing women with symmetrical breast implant results.
  • The Transaxillary Incision: Many women like this incision type because the scar is hidden underneath the arm, yet the distance from the breast can make it harder for Dr. Hall to correct any breast asymmetry that exists before surgery.
  • The TUBA Incision: Made through the belly button, this incision easily disguises scarring. However, since the breast implant must travel through a channel, it is harder to place symmetrically. This is not a procedure Dr. Hall does or recommends for any of his patients.

Deciding to get a breast enhancement is often a very difficult decision for women. Some of Dr. Hall’s patients have been unhappy with their breast size for years, but have never had surgery before, and are understandably uncertain about having surgery. Others may desire larger breasts but are unsure of the process and all of the decisions that go along with having breast augmentation surgery. If you’re like the hundreds of women that Dr. Hall has treated throughout his career and are considering a breast augmentation surgery to enhance your chest, contact us to schedule a consultation so you can get all your questions answered and decide if breast augmentation is right for you.

After your consultation and examination with Dr. Hall, he will show you 3D images of yourself – both clothed and unclothed – with different breast implants options. Together with the physical examination, this technology helps breast enhancement patients choose the right implants for them.

While getting breast implants is a routine and safe procedure, health-wise, it’s not for everyone. To be a candidate for breast enhancement surgery with Dr. Hall, patients must:

  • Be in good overall health;
  • Have realistic expectations for their breast enhancement results;
  • Be in good psychological health;
  • Be a non-smoker, or promise to quit smoking 6 weeks before and 6 weeks after your surgery, as smoking can complicate both the breast enhancement procedure and recovery time.

On the day of your surgery, you will receive general anesthesia to put you completely asleep, so you are unaware of the procedure. Because this strong medication is used, you’ll be unable to drive yourself home after your surgery. The recovery process from a breast enhancement is relatively easy. Most women begin to feel like themselves again with a day or so, and can even shower within 24 hours. However, Dr. Hall tells all his breast augmentation patients they can’t exercise or perform strenuous activity for 6 weeks after their surgery, to ensure proper healing.


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