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Non-Surgical Procedures For Skin Concernsin Knoxville

Skin Concerns

Fine lines, Wrinkles, & Crow’s Feet

What are fine lines, wrinkles, & crow’s feet?

Fine lines are the first sign of aging and appear as small, shallow lines. With age progression, they become deeper wrinkles as elastin & collagen begins to break down. Crow’s feet are caused by the contraction of the circular muscles around the eyes.

What Causes fine lines, wrinkles, & crow’s feet?

Aging, muscle activity, and sun/UV damage.

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Acne & Acne Scars

What causes acne?

When sebum, the oily substance lubricating hair & skin, mix with dead cells to plug hair follicles, acne forms. If they come in contact with bacteria, they can get inflamed and infected.

Why do acne scars form?

Inflamed acne can sometimes transform into cystic acne, damaging the skin further and causing acne scars.


Textured or hyper-pigmented skin

Why does skin texture & hyper-pigmentation happen?

While skin texture can occur due to aging, sun damage, lack of exfoliation, and genetics, hyper-pigmentation occurs due to sun exposure, hormonal influences, and age.



Scars can be unsightly, an unfortunate reminder, or inconvenient. People often choose to erase their scars for aesthetic or other reasons.


Enlarged Pores

Why do enlarged pores occur?

When oil glands produce too much oil, the oil mixes with dead skin and clogs the pores making the free-flow of oils difficult and hence causing the pores to enlarge.


Sun Damage

How does sun damage occur?

Too much exposure to the sun allows UV rays to penetrate not only the outer layers of the skin but also to pass into deeper layers causing severe damage to skin cells, even killing some of them.


Skin Lesions

What are skin lesions?

Simply put, skin lesions are any area on the skin that looks different.

Why are skin lesions formed?

Different types of skin lesions are formed due to different reasons. Some of the common reasons are injury, aging, disease, allergies, and infections.

Types of skin lesions or anomalies

-Vascular (rosacea, telangiectasia, cherry angiomas)
-Pigmented (freckles, age spots)


Loose/Sagging Skin

What is loose or sagging skin?

Skin that has lost elasticity due to fat loss or collagen, as well as elastin loss, sags with time.

What causes loose or sagging skin?



Stretch Marks

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are scars that form as elastin & collagen ruptures when the skin stretches or shrinks quickly.

Why do people get stretch marks?

People with rapid growth phases and people who go through rapid weight gain or loss suffer from stretch marks.


Double Chin/Submental Fat

What is a double chin?

When a layer of fat forms under the chin, it is called double chin or submental fat.

Why do I have a double chin?

A double chin may occur due to weight gain, genetics, or looser skin.


Under Eye Bags

What are undereye bags?

Mild puffiness and swelling under the eye appear as under-eye bags.

What causes under eye bags?

Aging, tiredness, heredity issues, salt, lack of sleep, allergies, or disease causes under-eye bags.



Why do jowls occur?

As the skin loses it’s tenacity and becomes less resilient & full, it becomes vulnerable to gravity and droops, causing jowl sagging.


Thin Lips

What causes thin lips?

Thin lips can be natural or a result of collagen loss due to aging.


Hair Loss

What causes hair loss?

Hair loss occurs in males and females due to several reasons like aging, hormonal changes, hereditary influence, and medical conditions.


Hair restoration is no longer a dream and can be achieved.


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