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Can I Wear Makeup After Microneedling?Trillium Plastic Surgery

October 14th, 2018

Can I Wear Makeup After Microneedling?

Wearing makeup can be an important part of boosting a woman’s self-confidence. From hiding skin blemishes to highlighting her best facial features, wearing makeup is something some women have done every day since they were teens. But, when it comes to allowing your skin to recover from a microneedling session, you’ll need to leave that foundation in your makeup drawer for a few days.

Your Skin After Microneedling

While microneedling can deliver some incredible results* for women’s faces, you should know that you will temporarily experience some side effects from the procedure. This includes having red or irritated skin immediately after your session is performed. It’s important to note, though, that you can’t put on some foundation to cover up this redness. You need to let your skin naturally respond and heal, which means no makeup for you!

How Soon After Microneedling Can I Begin to Wear Makeup Again?

If you have microneedling performed on your face, you’ll have to wait 2 to 3 days to begin wearing makeup again, depending on the unique post-procedure instructions that Dr. Hall has provided you after your session. We know that for some women, going without makeup for a few days is unacceptable to them. That’s why even though there’s no recommended downtime after a microneedling session, Dr. Hall does recommend that this subset of women take a few days off their work or other normal daily routines so they don’t have to go out and about without feeling as confident as they should feel.

When Can I Resume My Other Skincare Regimens?

Resuming your typical skin care regimen, including wearing sunscreen, using facial cleansers, toners and lotions can take place around the same time you start wearing makeup again, about 2 to 3 days after your procedure. It’s important to give your face a temporary break from these products so that your skin can properly heal from the procedure.

How Do I Know if Microneedling Is Right for Me?

If you have one of the common facial skin conditions that causes women to seek out Dr. Hall for microneedling, including premature aging, wrinkles, scars or hyperpigmentation, you may think that this treatment option is right for you. But it’s important for you to know that it takes an expert’s opinion to properly assign the right procedure for a specific skin condition. You may have read up a lot on microneedling, but it takes an evaluation from Dr. Hall to determine if it, or another procedure, is right given your unique case.

The best thing you can do if you have a facial feature you don’t like is to see Dr. Hall himself in his office. During this initial consultation, he’ll examine your face and determine if microneedling is right for you.

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*Individual results may vary.


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