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Joining up with the Davis ClinicTrillium Plastic Surgery

May 8th, 2012

I’m happy to announce my affiliation with Knoxville’s first and only comprehensive weight management program – The Davis Clinic.

Lead by Drs. Robert Davis, Garth Davis, and John Primomo, The Davis Clinic has been helping to change the lives of Texans and patients from all across the country with their approach to both surgical and non-surgical weight loss.

As you may know, I trained first as a general surgeon, and I know how challenging weight loss surgery is for both the surgeon and the patient. Having reached your weight-loss goals, though, you may find yourself wanting to take that final step in what is truly a holistic transformation of both mind and body.

I will be seeing patients in The Davis Clinic, located on the Memorial Hermann Memorial City Hospital campus, and am looking forward to helping you achieve your long term goals!


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