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Standard Profile Breast Implant Vs High/Low ProfileTrillium Plastic Surgery

March 9th, 2017

We always want to help our potential patients feel comfortable and confident with their decision. In this blog post, we’ll quickly explore some of the difference between the profiles of common and popular breast augmentation implants. Women that are ready to move forward can then call our offices at (865) 973-9500.

The next step after you call is to schedule a convenient time for you to meet with Dr. Hall for a consultation. During this in-person meeting, you’ll talk with Dr. Hall about your goals and vision for the procedure and what you want to accomplish. Dr. Hall will perform an examination, and you may also get to “try on” different implants using our 3D simulation system.  From there, Dr. Hall will get to work crafting a personalized treatment plan just for you. One of the great things about working with Dr. Hall is that you will never be confused about what happens next. We want all of our patients to be 100% confident in their decision. Dr. Hall intently listens to his patients and engages in open, transparent dialogue. Take a look at our gallery of Before-and-After breast augmentation photos to see his work for yourself. Then contact us to get started.

Profile Options for Breast Augmentation Implants

Women usually have a “perfect breast” that they want to achieve. Whether it’s someone they know or a celebrity, using the proper implant profile will help them achieve different looks. Body type, chest width, personal preference, and other factors all play different roles in this decision.

  • Low profile – These implants are “flatter” than the other options. This is ideal for women that have wide chests and want to get some volume in the upper portion of the breast.
  • Standard profile – This is the most common choice for women. For women with a medium-sized frame, this is ideal. It’s not too flat, and it doesn’t stick out too much.
  • High profile – This type of implant shape will have volume pushing outward. It gives more volume at the top of the breast and more obvious

To fully understand breast augmentation implants, women should schedule an in-person consultation with Dr. Hall. This is the best way to determine which implant profile is best for you and will help you achieve your goals. Many women bring in “wish list” pictures of their ideal breasts to show Dr. Hall exactly what they want.

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