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What Are High Profile Breast Implants?Trillium Plastic Surgery

July 13th, 2017

What Are High Profile Breast Implants?

Dr. Hall has worked hard throughout his entire career to earn the kind of sterling reputation he has today. Our patients love the stunning and natural-looking results that they get with Dr. Hall. On top of that, Dr. Hall also treats all of our patients with the kind of gentleness and compassion that is missing from many other practices. Make sure you take a look through our Before-and-After page to see his breast augmentation work for yourself. Contact us to learn more and to get started with one of the premier plastic surgeons in the state.

Profile Options for Breast Implants

Women have a few different options when it comes to the “projection” of their breast implants. The projection is how far the breast implant will “stick out” from the front of the chest. Different profiles provide patients with different “looks.” Some projections work great for petite women with narrow chests while others are better for larger women who have a wider chest.

  • Low profile – This implant profile is the flattest. With this type of implant, the “base” of the implant is wider.
  • Moderate profile – This profile shape used to be the only option for women. It adds some moderate volume and fullness to the breasts without too much projection.
  • Moderate plus profile – For women that want to get a little more voluptuous cleavage without going to the high profile implant this is a great option.
  • High profile – With high profile breast implants, patients get the most projection away from the chest wall. This is ideal for women that have narrow chests but still want to get some outward curves from their breasts implants.
  • Ultra High profile – These implants are the highest projection, and are mostly used for breast reconstruction after cancer.

Women that work with Dr. Hall will have plenty of time to talk with him about his recommendations for which implant profile is best for them. Also, during your consultation with Dr. Hall, you’ll get to “try on” each implant size and shape with an implant sizing bra. This will give you an idea of how your implants will look on you.

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