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What Type of Blepharoplasty Incisions Will My Surgeon Use?Trillium Plastic Surgery

August 22nd, 2014

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, can be performed on either the upper eyelids, the lower eyelids, or both. The general goals are to reduce visible signs of aging, puffiness, and sagging skin.

In general, the approach most commonly used is to make incisions where scars will be concealed within the natural folds and creases of the eyelids themselves, rendering them almost “invisible”.

Blepharoplasty for Upper Eyelids

Plastic surgeons place incisions a certain distance above the eyelid margin (the line where your eyelashes are.) This may differ depending on:

  • Your facial structure.
  • The prominence of your eyes
  • If you are a man or woman.
  • Your ethnicity (the Caucasian and Asian eyelids have different shapes and anatomy)

Often, the best place to hide an upper blepharoplasty incision is the natural crease formed by the upper eyelid. I typically create an incision here to remove or adjust fat deposits and remove loose, unwanted skin. Because it is in the fold of the eyelid, the scar will appears as a very thin line – a natural part of the face hidden when your eyes are open.

Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty

There are two types of incisions that are used for lower eyelid surgery

A transconjuntival incision takes place on the inside of the eyelid. It’s an ideal location for hiding scars since it’s never visible to anyone, including you. This approach to blepharoplasty is best for people who want to address puffiness or tired-looking eyes but who do not have a lot of excess skin that needs to be removed.

A subciliary incision, which takes place just below the lower eyelid lash line, is another commonly used incision. The resulting scar is very difficult to see once it has healed. This type of blepharoplasty can help patients get rid of loose skin around the eye that may be causing their face to look prematurely aged. It can also be used for removing or repositioning fat (the “lower eyelid bags”).

In general, the incisions used for both upper and lower eyelid surgery are very well hidden, and are almost invisible, especially with make-up on. If you would like more information about eyelid surgery, please visit the blepharoplasty page or call my office at (865) 973-9500 for more information.


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