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What Is A
Free Practice?Trillium Plastic Surgery

B asically, a third-party free practice means one thing: we work for no-one but our patients, which means We Work Only For YOU!

American medicine has undergone a fundamental change in the past 50 years. The federal government and the insurance companies now stand between the doctor and the patient, determining which healthcare services can and can’t be used. Also, the doctor’s office has been mandated to become the collector of your personal healthcare data, which then can be and is shared with insurers and the government – without your knowledge or consent.

T he business of medicine is no longer about quality – quality of care, quality of relationships, and quality of life – but is about QUANTITY – how many patients can an office squeeze into a workday. If you’ve been to a “typical” medical office recently, you notice the same thing in almost every setting: the office is busy, the doctor is hurried, and while the wait is long, and actual “face time” with the doctor is very brief.

Medical office visits have become assembly lines, with the patient on the assembly line and the doctor hurriedly trying to take care of them as they move past at an ever-quickening pace (if you’ve ever seen the famous video of “I Love Lucy” and the chocolate factory assembly line, this is what American medicine has become, with the doctors represented by Lucy and the government and insurance companies being represented by the supervisor at the beginning of the sketch. For a quick laugh, watch it here.)

This is not the kind of medicine my father practiced.

This is not the kind of medicine I wanted to practice.

I wanted off the assembly line.

The only way to do this is to rid myself and my practice of the things that transformed the way medicine is practiced and protect my patients from the external forces that have degraded the doctor-patient relationship and destroyed the privacy inherent to that sacred bond.

I do not believe that a politician or insurance company executive has any business telling you – the patient – where or how you can be cared for. I do not feel that a politician or an insurance company executive has any business telling me – the doctor – how to practice medicine. To put control back in my patient’s hands and restore the doctor-patient relationship to what it should be, I have dissolved all insurance company contracts and contracts with the federal government.

What Does This Mean For You As A Patient?

1. It does NOT mean that “we don’t take your insurance”, which is code for “we don’t want you as a patient”.

Quite the contrary, we happily see any patient who would like to see us. We offer unique services and a one-of-a-kind healthcare experience, and we encourage and welcome any patient who thinks we may be able to help them to call and schedule a consultation. What we don’t do is allow the government or the insurance companies to have any role in the medical decision-making or treatment planning that occurs between our office and our patients.

2. Your medical information is completely secure.

By participating in health insurance plans and Medicare/Medicaid, our office would be mandated to share (give) your healthcare data and treatment records to the insurers and the federal government without your knowledge or face financial and legal penalties. We believe this to be a violation of the ancient Hippocratic Oath of Medicine, not to mention being underhanded and dishonest. We respect your privacy, and do not and will not share your health information with any other party without your express written consent.

3. There is complete and total price transparency.

Before we decide to do anything, you will be presented with a price quote for the proposed treatment. You can then see what everything costs, in order to make a truly informed medical decision. Most of our prices are listed online, and you can browse and, in some cases, purchase services directly from our website.

4. We require payment at the time of service.

At your visit, you’ll know exactly what things cost (in real dollars, not the inflated “insurance company” dollars you see on hospital bills or medical bills you’ve gotten in the past). You pay for services rendered, like you would if you went to dinner at your favorite restaurant.

We understand that this practice model is different, and that it is not the right fit for everyone.

And that's OK.

W e encourage anyone who is interested in our services to call and schedule an appointment. Any one of our outstanding office staff can and will gladly answer (or get the answer t0) any questions you have regarding how the practice works. We can promise is that there is no other surgical office like ours, and that you will have a medical experience unmatched by any other “doctor visit” you’ve had before.

We Look Forward To Taking Care Of You As If You Were A Member Of Our Family…Because Once You Visit Us, You Are.


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