Are Botox® Injections Safe?

April 7th, 2016 / Back to Blog »

are-botox-injections-safeBotox® injections have been in use for many years for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles on the face and are generally considered to one of be the safest and least invasive solutions to these problems. That said, as with any cosmetic procedure, there are some risks involved.

Thankfully, these risks can be minimized by an injector with expert knowledge in its administration. Though there are many qualified non-physicians that can administer Botox® with acceptable results, patients in Knoxville who want Botox® trust Dr. Hall and Brooke Nix, PA-C for their many years of training and advanced understanding of your individual facial anatomy.

Uses for Botox®

Botox®, also known as botulinum toxin, works by temporarily blocking nerve impulses that cause muscle contractions in the target area. With the relaxation of the muscles attached to your skin, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can be significantly improved. Botox® injections are commonly used in the treatment of the following conditions:

  • Frown Lines – the vertical lines that appear between the eyebrows when frowning or making other similar facial expressions
  • Crow’s Feet – triple lines resembling the feet of a crow that fan outward from the corners of your eyes
  • Forehead Furrows – the horizontal lines that appear on your forehead when you raise your eyebrows
  • Lip lines – small vertical lines on the upper and lower lips. Botox to the lips can also very naturally add a small amount of volume to the lips.
  • Corners of the mouth – Botox® can help elevate the corners of the mouth, softening an “angry” looking mouth
  • Neck bands – Botox® can reduce or eliminate vertical neck bands seen as we age

In addition to these applications, Botox® can also be used in the treatment of chronic migraines and sweating (hyperhidrosis) of the hands, feet, and underarms.

Risks of Botox® Injections

Botox® injections are very minimally invasive, being applied with tiny needles that require no anesthetic, and having no associated downtime after treatment. Though some patients may experience slight swelling or bruising at the injection site, the main risks associated with Botox® injections revolve around improper placement or the use of excessive toxin, which can cause an “un-natural” look.

When applied improperly, Botox® injections may cause issues including:

  • Dry eye or excessive tears
  • Crooked smile
  • Eyelid drooping
  • Misaligned eyebrows

When applied by an experts like Brooke and Dr. Hall, though, these problems are rarely (if ever) seen. Also, both Dr. Hall and Brooke are often asked to “fix” the results of improperly placed Botox®. If you’re interested in Botox® treatment but you have concerns, call to schedule a consultation with Brooke Nix, PA-C or Dr. Hall in Knoxville today. They will take the time to understand your goals and help you determine if Botox® is right for you.

Looking to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face? Knoxville Botox® experts Dr. Jason Hall and Brooke Nix, PA-C can help. Call us at 865.973.9500 for your consultation today.