Choosing the Right Doctor for Breast Implants | Knoxville, TN

Before making the decision to have breast implants, Knoxville patients have to find a medical team that will meet their needs. Identifying the right doctor is not always a simple process, however.

Sometimes, it starts by speaking with friends who have had the operation, either as a standalone procedure or as part of a “mommy makeover.” Knoxville women who have had successful outcomes are often willing to discuss their experience and to recommend the surgeon who gave them such great results. In other cases, however, women may not have this type of guidance before having breast implants.

Knoxville is full of physicians claiming to be capable plastic surgeons, but there are several factors that patients should seek out in order to find the right doctor…


When you choose a doctor, you want someone who has been in practice for several years, providing patients with beautiful new bodies and greater confidence in their appearance.

Why does experience matter? The more breast implants that a Knoxville surgeon performs, the more capable he becomes in shaping the woman’s body to look as graceful and attractive as possible. He will have had more practice with different implant sizes and body types. Also, these surgeons will have patients who can speak to the quality of their results. Look for opportunities to view the surgeon’s previous work or to read testimonials from past patients.


Knoxville women should get breast implants from a surgeon who has an excellent educational background, who continues to study best practices, and who keeps informed about new technology. Studious doctors understand how breast implants can be used in a natural-looking and beautiful way.

In addition, a doctor focused on best practices will take the time to learn about the patient’s goals. He or she will make a thorough examination of the patient’s body to identify the optimal position, size, and shape for the implant, and within the operation, the surgeon will use meticulous care in placing the implant.


To most patients, great breast implants are not just about the end result. They are about the experience.

The best doctors support the patient throughout the process.

  • In the consultation phase, these doctors offer detailed answers to important questions. They guide patients in making decisions that are right for their needs.
  • During the operation, high-quality surgical teams provide patients with a safe and comfortable environment. They offer great care and attend to patient needs.
  • After a procedure, these physicians do everything possible to reduce pain and speed recovery. They respond to concerns patients might have and ensure that recuperation moves along steadily.

Combining a Breast Lift with Breast Implants

Many Knoxville women who choose to correct sagging and drooping breast with a breast lift have also lost breast volume over the years, and want to go back to their normal size. Other Knoxville women take advantage of their breast lift surgery to enhance their breasts to a size they have always desired. Whatever your unique situation, you should know that not only is combining a breast lift with breast implants surgery safe, it is a very popular combination of procedures.

Should I Choose Silicone or Saline Breast Implants?

Most women choose to get silicone gel breast implants because they look the most natural, and feel the most natural, too. However, there are still valid reasons that Dr. Hall’s Knoxville patients choose saline implants, too. Among these reasons are the desire to have more rounded breasts, or knowing that deflated or leaking saline implants, while a rare complication, will be instantly noticeable.

How Big Can I Go?

When you’re combining a breast lift with breast implants surgery, you can go as big as your body will safely allow. Often, Knoxville women who want a combination breast lift and breast implants surgery come into a consultation with an ideal cup size in mind. Dr. Hall actually prefers when women come in with photographs that show what they want their final results to look like. These photos – which help Dr. Hall visualize his patient’s desires – can also help Dr. Hall recommend a number of other breast implants choices such as:

  • Breast implant shape – whether rounded or tear drop;
  • Breast implant profile – which refers to how much a breast implant will stick out; and
  • Breast implant placement – either underneath the pectoralis (chest) muscle, which creates a more natural look, or in front of the pectoralis muscle, which allows Dr. Hall to create more cleavage in his breast implants placement.

What Will My Scarring Look Like?

A breast lift will leave a Knoxville woman with either a circular or vertical scar, depending on the amount of lift that she requires. A breast augmentation can be performed one of four ways, each leaving different scars and providing breast implants patients with different benefits:

  • The Periareolar Incision

Made along the bottom portion of the areola, this incision is often disguised by the natural color difference between your areola and your breast. 

  • The Inframammary Incision

This incision, which is made in the breast fold, is hidden by a bra or bikini line. It is a good incision for providing women with symmetrical breast implant results.

  • The Transaxillary Incision

Many Knoxville women like this incision type because the scar is hidden underneath the arm, yet the distance from the breast can make it harder for Dr. Hall to correct any breast asymmetry that exists before surgery.

  • The TUBA Incision

Made through the belly button, this incision easily disguises scarring. However, since the breast implant must travel through a channel, it is harder to place symmetrically.  This is not a procedure Dr. Hall does or recommends for any of his patients.

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Your Best Choice

If you are considering breast implants, speak with Dr. Jason Hall and the staff at Knoxville Plastic & Craniofacial Surgery. They exceed the criteria discussed above and provide an excellent medical experience to patients. To learn more about their work, call 865.973.9500 or use our contact form and request an appointment.