Breast Augmentation – 29 Year Old Fitness Instructor

The patient is a 29-year-old female who works after hours as a fitness instructor. She is displeased with the shape and size of her breasts, and presented to Dr. Hall requesting a breast augmentation.

She wanted larger breasts that looked “natural” and did not want to appear as if she had undergone cosmetic surgery.  After taking anatomic measurements and determining the best implant to fit her body, a 325 mL high-profile silicone gel implant was chosen. This was placed under the pectoral muscle using a dual plane technique, which maximizes implant coverage to help prevent the upper border of the implant showing through the skin (a tell-tale sign of a breast augmentation), and will give her a much more long lasting cosmetic result.  There was no bruising and no drains were used.

After taking 2 months off from her duties as a fitness instructor, she returned to the gym and was able to resume her regular fitness regimen.