How Long After Breastfeeding Can I Get Breast Implants?

September 24th, 2018 / Back to Blog »

 Breast Implants KnoxvilleWhether they desire breast implants as part of a total body rejuvenation procedure (commonly known as a mommy makeover) or as a standalone surgery, many new mothers decide to augment their breasts after they’ve had a baby. And there are many reasons why. Pregnancy causes a woman’s breasts to swell in preparation for her body to nourish a baby – whether or not they plan on breastfeeding. After breastfeeding ceases, or a woman decides not to breastfeed, her breasts shrink and sometimes even deflate to a size smaller than they were before. This can make some new mothers feel as though they’re trapped in a body that they don’t even recognize.

A breast augmentation can help restore lost breast volume and help boost a new mother’s self-confidence. However, don’t rush from the delivery room to the OR room for a breast augmentation!  Plastic surgeon Dr. Hall recommends that his breastfeeding patients wait at least 3 months after breastfeeding has ended (although 6 months is optimal). The reason? A woman’s breasts need a chance to stop producing milk and return to their normal or “new normal” size.

Special Breast Augmentation Considerations for Women Who Intend to Breastfeed Again in the Future

Knoxville women should know with confidence that it is perfectly safe for them to breastfeed future children if they get breast implants today. There’s nothing about breast implants that prohibits breastfeeding.

However, in order to make future breastfeeding as successful of an experience as possible, Dr. Hall asks all of his patients of childbearing age what their future family plans look like. You see, Dr. Hall performs three breast augmentation implants incision types:

  • Underneath the arm, called the transaxillary incision
  • Underneath the breast, called the inframammary incision
  • Around the nipple, called the periareolar incision

All three of these incision types are safe for future pregnancies. However, the periareolar incision may cut through some of the milk ducts, making it difficult for Knoxville mothers to breastfeed future children.  This is why it’s so important that you carefully consider your future plans before undergoing breast augmentation implants surgery, and clearly communicate those desires to Dr. Hall.

What Else Do I Need to Know About Breast Augmentation Implants and Future Breastfeeding?

If you choose to get breast implants before you have children, or in the middle of your family planning years, you should know that you may end up with sagging breasts due to the natural changes that occur in a woman’s body after pregnancy and breastfeeding. This doesn’t mean that a Knoxville woman must have a second breast augmentation or a breast augmentation revision but may require a breast lift in order to get the breasts to the desired position and shape.

Your Consultation with Dr. Hall

If you’ve just finished breastfeeding and visit Dr. Hall for an initial breast augmentation implants appointment, it’s important that you share your breastfeeding timeline, as well as future breastfeeding plans, with him. Doing so will help him best prepare a personalized treatment plan for you and your unique surgery goals.

If you’re ready to schedule an initial consultation at Dr. Hall’s Knoxville offices, don’t delay. Call today at (865) 973-9500.