Knoxville Breast Enhancement

Deciding to get a breast enhancement is often a very difficult decision for Knoxville women. Some of Dr. Hall’s patients have been unhappy with their breast size for years, but have never had surgery before, and are understandably uncertain about having surgery. Others may desire larger breasts but are unsure of the process and all of the decisions that go along with having breast augmentation surgery. If you’re like the hundreds of women that Dr. Hall has treated throughout his career and are considering a breast augmentation surgery to enhance your chest, keep reading to learn some important information about the procedure.

Breast Enhancement Surgery Is Routine and Safe

It’s important for Knoxville women who are considering a breast augmentation surgery to understand that the procedure is routine, and is, in fact, one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in the US, and is very safe. Your typical surgery lasts about an hour, as Dr. Hall makes an incision in your desired location to insert your silicone or saline breast implant, places the implants, and uses dissolving stitches to close the small incisions (no stitches need to be removed and no drains are placed).

Ensuring You are a Candidate for Breast Implants

While getting breast implants is a routine and safe procedure, healthwise, it’s not for everyone. To be a candidate for a Knoxville breast enhancement surgery with Dr. Hall, patients must:

  • Be in good overall health;
  • Have realistic expectations for their breast enhancement results;
  • Be in good psychological health; and
  • Be a non-smoker, or promise to quit smoking 6 weeks before and 6 weeks after your surgery, as smoking can complicate both the breast enhancement procedure and recovery time.

There’s a Number of Choices to Make Once You Decide to Get a Breast Enhancement

Once you’ve decided to go forward with a breast enhancement surgery, your decision-making process has only begun! There are a number of choices that breast implant patients must make, including:

  • Whether to get silicone or saline implants.

Both breast implant types are safe, but silicone implants are more popular. However, some Knoxville women prefer saline implants. It’s similar to choosing a mobile phone: you can get the newest iPhone (a cohesive silicone implant), or you can get a flip phone (a saline implant).  They both make phone calls and can get the job done, but the silicone looks and feels more natural, and in our opinion, is just a better implant choice for most women.

  • Whether to have the breast implants placed through an incision under the arm, under the breast or around the nipple.

All three of these incision types result in minimal visible scarring, though an incision around the nipple is not recommended for women who may decide to breastfeed in the future as this incision type can cut through milk ducts.

  • Whether to have the breast implants placed above or below the pectoral muscle.

Implants that are placed under the muscle are more natural looking and feeling when touched, though implants placed above the muscle can help boost sagging breasts that aren’t yet candidates for a breast lift. Athletes also tend to prefer above the muscle breast implant placement.

  • Whether to have round or teardrop shaped implants.

Most patients choose round implants because they typically result in more fullness at the top of the breasts. However, women desiring more natural-looking results may choose a teardrop implant. 

  • What breast implant profile to select.

A breast implant profile refers to how much the breast implant will stick out. The higher the profile, the fuller the augmented breast.

  • How big do you want to go?

Deciding on a breast implant size can be a difficult decision for Knoxville women. Fortunately, Dr. Hall utilizes the latest 3D simulation technology to help make this decision easier for his breast enhancement patients.

Always wanting his patients to be as informed as possible, Dr. Hall carefully walks each woman he works with through these questions, to ensure they make the best possible decision for themselves.

Eliminating the Guesswork in Deciding How Big to Go

After your consultation and examination with Dr. Hall, he will show you 3D images of yourself – both clothed and unclothed – with different breast implants options. Together with the physical examination, this technology helps Knoxville breast enhancement patients choose the right implants for them.

Your Recovery Process

On the day of your surgery, you will receive general anesthesia to put you completely asleep, so you are unaware of the procedure. Because this strong medication is used, you’ll be unable to drive yourself home after your surgery. The recovery process from a breast enhancement is relatively easy. Most women begin to feel like themselves again with a day or so, and can even shower within 24 hours. However, Dr. Hall tells all his breast augmentation patients they can’t exercise or perform strenuous activity for 6 weeks after their surgery, to ensure proper healing.

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Hall Today

If you’re ready to get a breast enhancement, or at least discuss the next steps in your decision-making process, we recommend that you schedule a consultation with Dr. Hall. You can do so by calling our offices at (865) 973-9500 or filling out our online contact form. Out of town patients may also request a Skype consultation.