Open Vs. Closed Rhinoplasty Surgery. Which Is Right for Me?

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Rhinoplasty Surgery KnoxvilleMany patients don’t realize that the rhinoplasty has been around for a very long time. But over the last few years, a great debate has emerged among doctors and plastic surgeons about the technical aspects of the rhinoplasty. Knoxville patients that have started to look into getting a so-called “nose job” will undoubtedly come across the debate about whether the Open or Closed rhinoplasty procedure is best.

While Dr. Hall believes that the patient’s goals and their anatomy should dictate which procedure is used, we wanted to explore the differences in the techniques and simply compare them to one another for the benefit of our new patients. If you’re unhappy with the shape of your nose or if you have breathing restrictions or other health issues with your nasal passages, call Dr. Hall today at 865.973.9500.

Dr. Hall is not only a board-certified plastic surgeon, but he comes from a line of respected doctors as well. Watching his father treat cancer patients instilled a great sense of care and compassion for all of his patients. Dr. Hall has built his practice from the start by listening carefully to all of his patients and talking with them honestly and transparently. His incredible gentleness and world-class precision have made Dr. Hall one of the leading surgeons in Knoxville and one of the “go-to” doctors for patients. Contact us today to get started.

The Closed Rhinoplasty

Knoxville men and women will sometimes hear doctors talk about the “closed” method for rhinoplasty. This was the very first technique developed for the nose job, and it has been used for decades.

The hallmark of a closed rhinoplasty is that there are no visible incisions on the outside. All of the work is done through the nostrils, and the incisions are made inside the nostrils and nasal cavity.

While the primary benefit is that there are no visible scars, there is one major drawback. Performing a closed rhinoplasty leaves the surgeon unable to see everything that is there. This can make complex rhinoplasties extremely difficult. While it isn’t impossible, this method is more challenging.

The Open Rhinoplasty

Knoxville patients also have another option for their rhinoplasty: the open method. In this procedure, a small incision is made in the columella which is the bridge of soft tissue that separates your nostrils. By making what is called a trans-columellar incision, the surgeon can “open” the nose and expose the nasal cartilage.

This offers the surgeon several benefits. First, for more complex rhinoplasties having this kind of visibility is crucial. Even for a straightforward rhinoplasty, the open method allows for more precision– down to the millimeter.

However, this increased precision comes at a price: the trans-columellar incision does pose a slight risk for scarring. However, you  would have to lean their head back for anyone ever to notice the scar – when it is healed, it’s incredibly difficult to see. In almost every case, the scar heals beautifully and is virtually invisible. But this is still something that patients will discuss with Dr. Hall before their rhinoplasty.

Knoxville patients that are unhappy with how their nose looks should call Dr. Hall today at 865.973.9500. Our patients absolutely love working with Dr. Hall, but they love their beautiful and natural-looking results even more.

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