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With rhinoplasty surgery, Knoxville patients have the opportunity to improve their overall appearance in a subtle but significant way.

When we think about the people in our lives—those who are important to us, those we meet on a daily basis, and those we see in passing—one of the most specific characteristics we can often call to mind is their nose. Our eyes are typically drawn to a person’s face, and the nose is in the center of it.

For some people, this is an issue of discomfort and the reason that they turn to rhinoplasty surgery. Knoxville patients may be unhappy with their nose because they feel that it is too large for their face. They may be concerned that their nose is misshapen, misaligned, bumpy, or not sloped in an attractive way.

Rhinoplasty can address each of these areas. In addition to solving concerns about physical appearance, however, rhinoplasty surgery can help Knoxville patients breathe more comfortably, sleep more soundly, and avoid sinus complications. The procedure offers many an opportunity for a better quality of life.

About the Procedure

Typically, patients will take part in a consultation to begin their treatment. During this time, they should have an opportunity to explain their concerns to the doctor in detail. Having a shared understanding of the patient’s trouble spots and goals is essential to success.

Once the patient has communicated these concerns, the doctor will discuss possible opportunities for addressing them through rhinoplasty surgery. Patients in Knoxville may be surprised to learn how small changes can provide great improvement to their overall physical attractiveness. Skilled doctors will be able to advise patients about ways to change the appearance of the nose while keeping it natural-looking and in proportion with the rest of the face.

The Operation

Rhinoplasty is typically an outpatient procedure, which means that patients go home the same day. The length of time that a patient is in the operating room depends on their needs, but it can last anywhere from one to four hours.

After surgery, patients usually wear a splint on the outside of the nose for about one week. The nose may appear swollen at this time, but swelling should go down significantly enough to be unnoticeable by the time that the splint is removed. In addition to the gains in physical attractiveness that a patient will realize, he or she should also expect fewer sinus problems, such as chronic stuffy nose.

About Dr. Jason Hall

Dr. Jason Hall is a board-certified, highly-skilled surgeon. He offers a variety of procedures including rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, and facelifts. Patients also rely on his knowledge to help with craniofacial surgery, including migraine treatment. Knoxville Plastic & Craniofacial Surgery—Dr. Hall’s practice—provides patients with a professional environment, supportive staff, and a focus on comfort and safety.

See how Dr. Hall can help you improve your life.

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