Rhinoplasty vs. Non-Surgical Options

February 5th, 2016 / Back to Blog »

rhinoplastyMost Knoxville patients who want to reshape their nose will automatically consider a rhinoplasty without knowing about the non-surgical options. Minor problems with the structure of your nose can be corrected by using fillers such as Juvederm or Voluma to reduce the size of bumps and fill in areas lacking volume. The plastic surgeon typically shapes your nose by manipulating this filler to temporarily change the shape of your nose; this is a procedure only done by expert injectors

How Long Will a Rhinoplasty with Filler Last?

A rhinoplasty will change your nose permanently by reforming bone, skin, and tissue for a more attractive nose. Using a filler is a temporary fix that will maintain results as long as the amount of filler stays the same. However, we have found that in the nose, filler tends to last much longer than in other parts of the body, and is, in some cases, a permanent solution. It’s also important to remember that filler can only make minor changes to the structure of your nose, but it will not make major changes or improvements in breathing that a surgical rhinoplasty can.

What are the Limitations of a Non-surgical Rhinoplasty?

Knoxville patients who want to avoid surgical changes to their nose can seek non-surgical treatment to fix their problem. Once the filler leaves your system, a traditional rhinoplasty can be performed to make permanent changes to your nose that will:

  • Remove bumps on the bridge.
  • Change the size and position of nostrils.
  • Reduce the size or width of your nose.
  • Correct breathing problems related to a deviated septum.

Although all of these can be done to some extent with a non-surgical rhinoplasty, you will need an personal evaluation to see if non-surgical options are right for you.

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