What Problems Can Chin Surgery Correct?

March 1st, 2016 / Back to Blog »

chin-surgeryFacial contouring provides the structure and shape for an attractive face that communicates health and beauty. Handsome men are noted for their strong chin and defined jawline. Beautiful women have softly continuous curves and a chin balancing other features that define the proportions of beauty. Knoxville patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their chin can opt for augmentation to:

  • Balance a prominent nose
  • Add definition to the neck.
  • Change the shape of the chin.

Chin surgery patients can alter their natural chin to give more volume and projection but also to change the shape of their chin to provide balance to their facial features.

What Is a Chin Implant?

A chin implant is a solid implant inserted into your chin. There are a wide range of chin sizes and shapes that can be added to achieve your desired look. Chin implants are typically made of polypropylene or silicon. A genioplasty – cutting and moving the chin itself, doesn’t require any implants and is very similar to a chin implant in terms of surgery and recovery.

What is Surgery Like?

Chin surgery will take somewhere between 45 minutes and an hour. During the procedure, Dr. Hall will:

  • Make an incision either inside of your mouth or underneath your chin.
  • After this, the chin implant will be inserted and placed in front of the jawbone (or the chin itself will be cut and moved)
  • Dr. Hall will adjust the implant to balance with other facial features and suture the chin implant or chin bone to prevent movement.

Knoxville patients take about one week to return to work and may experience swelling and bruising for up to a few weeks after surgery.

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