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H air loss is a tragic but often unavoidable problem for many people. Loss of hair can affect the balance and aesthetics of the face and body, and it leaves many people unsatisfied with their look.

That doesn’t mean that everyone needs to live with hair loss forever. There are many hair restoration treatments available, and effective clinical hair restoration treatments are practiced, effective, and safe for nearly all patients. At the practice of Dr. Jason Hall, patients have a range of options available for hair restoration. These are some of the common hair restoration treatments available in medicine today: PRP Injections, Nutritional Support, and Surgical Solutions.

PRP Injections

PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, injections is a therapy for hair loss that draws plasma and injects it into the scalp to stimulate hair production. PRP injection is a three-step process. In the first step, blood is drawn and separated in a centrifuge to isolate the platelet rich plasma from the platelet poor plasma and red blood cells. The second step is to extract the plasma for injection.

The final step is to actually inject the platelet rich plasma into the scalp. The platelets in the plasma are rich in those growth factors that will help increase hair growth where they are injected. The treatments will be repeated a few times over the first few months, and possibly a few extra times over the next year. In time, hair should grow back naturally and in full-fashion without any kind of external chemical or surgical intervention.

Nutritional Support

The second kind, and probably the one most patients are familiar with, is nutritional support. This type of treatment refers to using some kind of external supplement to stimulate the growth of hair, revitalizing the natural growth factors in the scalp. Dr. Hall uses a combination of two products.

The first is Nutrafol supplements. Nutrafol is a drug-free combination of botanical ingredients that are clinically-tested to strengthen hair. The second is Ducray Anaphase+ anti-hair loss shampoo. Ducray shampoo fully completes the anti-hair loss regimen, and it is well reported by patients to stimulate hair growth while simultaneously reducing or stopping hair loss within 6 weeks of use.


S urgical solutions are definitely the most drastic and direct solution for hair restoration patients. For hairline lowering, Dr. Hall performs forehead reduction surgery, where the hairline is lowered surgically by a scar that is hidden behind the hairline. Hair transplant procedures are another option that take hair from one part of the body and transplant it to the area of hair loss. It is a very common method that’s been practiced for many years.

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