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In the past few years, we have seen a quantum shift in the treatment of breast cancer. Medical treatments for breast cancer – chemotherapy, hormone treatments, and genetic treatments – have changed significantly, and although no cancer treatment is “easy”, newer therapies are much more effective and patient-friendly than in the past. Likewise, radiation treatments have become more targeted, meaning less “normal” tissue is affected.

We all know what it is – a stubborn, unpleasing contour of the lower abdomen or side that makes bathing suits, tight pants, and form-fitting dresses seem like a bad idea. Whatever name we give it, it’s something that makes us want to run for the cover of our favorite baggy sweatshirt.

Dark circles under the eye are a common complaint and are caused by many different things from poor sleep hygiene to allergies to good ole mom and dad’s genetics. Treatment for under eye circles can include: eye creams, chemical peels, lasers (intense pulsed light or a resurfacing laser as Profractional), injectable fillers (Restylane and Voluma), or surgery (blephoplasty). Many people want improvement with facial aging and would like to improve their “tired eyes” or “drooping eyes,” but it is important first to determine the cause.

Every once in awhile, usually in the quiet of the early morning hours when I’m the only person in the house that is awake, I get a chance to reflect on what it is I do every day. Those moments, sitting in the stillness (in front of the fireplace…sometimes with the AC on), it dawns on me the magnitude of what I have the privilege to do as a career.

Despite the vast amount of marketing dollars aimed to get you excited about some fat-reducing device, magic skin cream, or whizz-bang injectable treatment, cosmetic medicine is still medicine, delivered (mostly) by trained professionals who have dedicated a significant portion of their life learning the nuances of anatomy and the aging process.

Plastic surgery, as I have written before, is a wonderful specialty. As plastic surgeons, we affect positive changes in the lives of each of our patients on a daily basis. Some of the profound impact we have isn’t appreciated until much later – this is especially true in the case of much of the pediatric aspect of plastic surgery, a part that doesn’t often make it to the E! network or “Inside Edition”.

If you read Time Magazine in June, one of the cover stories informed us that cosmetic surgery is the new norm – a closely akin to getting your hair done. The “taboo” that once surrounded aesthetic surgery is quickly disappearing. Conversations about “who had what done” and recommendations about which plastic surgeon is the “best” at which procedures – conversations that used to happen quietly and privately – are now discussed out in the open or online.

Judging by the number of billboards advertising plastic surgery, Knoxville is a very competitive market for cosmetic procedures. So, one might expect larger or older or more “advertised” practices to take all of the honors. But this year, Dr. Jason Hall has been recognized as one of the best in Knoxville, although he’s just recently returned home after a 20-year absence.

Do you notice how hard it is to determine the cost of a cosmetic procedure in Knoxville, or anywhere, before your consultation? That’s because most doctors don’t want to share that information. But Dr. Jason Hall is different! He understands that plastic surgery pricing is important for the Knoxville patient to know ahead of time. That’s why he uses the BuildMyBod Health Price Estimator.

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